We care about Process and Performance

We ensure this through 4 steps: Planning. Implementation. Measurement. Follow-up.

Measuring Performance

Improve Performance & Training System is a digital platform for systematizing training at all levels.

Solid planning, effective implementation, concrete measurement and follow-up, makes the process easier to achieve goals.

Measurable Training

We guarantee a measurable training process that is tailored to you and with practical and concrete exercises with a focus on performance and results!

From simple and pointed training needs to larger academies.

Measurable Recruitment

We guarantee a measurable recruitment process that is tailored to you.

Our vision is to simplify the recruitment process through efficient and accurate methods that will secure our customers and candidates.

Who we are

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100% dedicated.
We are one of the oldest consultancies in Norway and we believe that one of the reasons is our practical approach to what the customer requests. This is and remains your process and our role is to carry out a thorough need mapping as a basis for developing a process that is most closely opposed to their needs and everyday life. In addition, we are careful to select the coach who is best suited in the first place. your industry and the topic to be improved.

Associated Partners

Our role is to ensure implementation goals and strategies. An organization undergoes various changes and our working methodology is to adapt to this in a close partnership with our customers, hence the name ResultPartner!

Holistic Training

We all have strong qualities, competence, skills and attitudes. And we all have potential for improvement at the same time. We believe that companies grow based on systematic training that is measurable, engaging and encouraging.

Examples of our services

improvement processes

Most of us don’t like changes that are demanding and complicated. We are also not particularly good at changing just to change. Therefore, the key to improvement is also to make the process simple, profitable, fun.

Ledership Training

Developing leadership skills is a continuous process that must be adapted and implemented as part of your leadership role in everyday life. Awareness of one’s own behavior, attitudes, communication (conscious vs unconscious), goal management, 360-degree feedback and follow-up are all factors that together create a good and safe leader figure.

Dealer development

Dealer development In order to stay at the forefront and maintain competitiveness, as a company, you must be far ahead in the development of retailers, and this work is a decisive factor in ensuring that you meet your strategic goals and ambitions for development. Focus on the development and training of retailers Business management, key figures and balanced scorecard. One of the most important challenges associated with managing retailers is[…]

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