How do we ensure measurable leadership development?

One of the prerequisites for being able to lead others is the ability to lead oneself. Through raising awareness of one’s own skills, a powerful and effective development process is created that is measurable, individually adapted and concrete. Furthermore, a clear and distinct leadership philosophy will be established; what the individual manager believes in, what is required of the leadership role, how you as a leader communicate and motivate optimally and how you are able to lead your employees based on their point of view and personality.

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  • Self awareness
  • Personal wellbeing
  • Motivation and performance
  • Communication and feedback
  • Delegation and teamwork
  • Performance Management

Continuous improvement process.

Developing leadership skills is a continuous process that must be adapted and implemented as part of your leadership role in everyday life. Awareness of one’s own behavior, attitudes, communication (conscious vs unconscious), goal management, 360-degree feedback and follow-up are all factors that together create a good and safe leader figure.


Through raising awareness of one’s own skills, a powerful and effective development process is created that is measurable, individually adapted and concrete. The goal is to develop personal qualities and skills to fulfill goals and strategies in the leadership role. Leader Skills Profile is a visualization of achievements related to the leadership role and which serves as a visualization of results and achievements. An individual development plan is established in collaboration with the immediate manager.


Based on the development plan’s defined KPIs (Critical Performance Indicators), defined goals, improvement measures and training exercises, the implementation of good leadership is implemented. Reminders are sent to the manager by e-mail or text message to remind him of today’s tasks.


Based on the manager’s individual development plan, milestones have already been set. Here, the leader and the leader’s mentor will evaluate performance, results and goal achievement. Results are visualized and compared easily and efficiently in the Dashboard and analyzed at a deeper level in the Scorecard for the individual leader or team.

Improvement processes should require a little extra of us and at the same time seem inspiring, learning, developing and fun. Importantly, it is to have good support systems such as Improve as well as a collegiate community that supports each other in day-to-day operations via Improve as a digital interaction platform.

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Top and middle managers with results, customer and personnel responsibilities.

We plan, implement and follow up performance and results based on a customized Scorecards of the most important KPIs (Critical Performance Indicators) for experienced new managers.

Individual adaptation of training plans and training exercises that ensure a measurable process, motivation, good performance and results.

  1. Leader Academy (Development from scratch / adapted to existing).
  2. Behavioral Training (How to Lead Different Behaviors / Personality).
  3. Leadership Development (Defining and Implementing Leadership).
  4. Team development (How to get teams to perform optimally?)
  5. Organizational development (Establishment / Anchoring of Goals, Strategies, Values, Vision).
  6. Personal balance (Balance in life)
  7. Performance Coaching (How to Coach Different Employees / Teams).
  8. Personal development (Systematic development of employees).
  9. Presentation technique (How to win the meeting / assembly).
  10. Balanced Scorecard (Key Performance Indicators)
  11. Sales and negotiation techniques (from product to solution sales).

Improve Training

Sales Management & Sales Training

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