How to ensure a measurable process with Improve?

As a leader, you rely on technology to control the company. Whether it’s key figures, customer measurements, employee satisfaction results, competency mapping or other important factors that need to have a certain level so that you can be competitive and deliver positive results.

Improve is a unique digital system for training and development with a digital platform to ensure development, communication and interaction. The solution developed in close cooperation with our clients over the past 20 years, has been developed on the latest Microsoft technology.

The solution makes it easier and more efficient to lead.

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  • Training Management Systems
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Digital Collaboration Platform
  • Skills- and Knowledge Profiles
  • Sales Prospecting Platform

Continuous improvement process

To be competitive, the entire value chain in your company must be well founded with good quality. It helps little to receive customer measurements that tell you that you have 40% weak areas – if you do not simultaneously implement improvement measures that are systematized, implemented, measured and followed up towards the next measurement. It also does not help to improve other key figures in companies if you do not implement measurable improvement measures effectively.

This is where Improve comes in. We assist companies like you in ensuring profitability and competitiveness by systematizing improvement measures in an easier and more efficient way.

The result is satisfied owners, managers, employees, customers, partners.

And it’s going to be easier to lead.


The first thing we do is to conduct a thorough survey of the company’s “now situation”. That is, depending on whether the mission goes in the direction of organizational development, it is nearby to start with an organization’s analysis. If you are developing a management team, we are happy to do a combination of several different profiles and analyses. Common to the method is to determine the current performance level, define critical points for improvement er), definere kritiske suksess faktorer for å lykkes (KSFer)-. Mål, milepæler og tiltak for KPIcode> (KPI’s set and a Development Plan is drawn up.


Any process of change requires action and implementation. And this is often where it is failed around the world. Our system automates the implementation of measures that make it easier for the individual to actually implement. The measures are logged, evaluated and automated inside our digital Training diary. Here, responsible project managers as well as participants can have full control of what has been carried out to what quality.


The training diary logs the activity and quality of the task. This makes it easy to measure and follow up improvement measures by individual, team, organization. Dashboard visualizes results vs. goals. You can compare teams vs. team. Individual performance vs. another individual achievement. The scorecard is used for deeper analysis with the same functionality as dashboard.

Improve is a powerful tool that ensures improvement measures and makes it easier to achieve goals and run a profitable business.

Improve makes it easier to secure motivation for proactive customer follow-up by sales people and service advisors.

Improve makes it easier to put training and competence development into systems.

Everyday life becomes easier with Improve.

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Organizational development

Evaluation of employees’ knowledge of the company;

  • Business idea.
  • Vision.
  • Goal.
  • Strategies.
  • Values.
Gain and value:
  • Uncover as well as close the knowledge gap.
  • Increased knowledge.
  • Increased competitiveness.

Customer development:

  • Carrying out customer measurement.
  • Implementation of improvement measures related to weak results from customer measurement.
Gain and value:
  • Uncover as well as close the knowledge gap.
  • Increased knowledge.
  • Increased competitiveness.
Employee development:
  • Carry out employee analysis as well as integrate improvement measures.
  • Conduct employee conversations as well as integrate and follow up improvement measures.
Gain and value:
  • Uncover as well as close the knowledge gap.
  • Increased knowledge.
  • Increased competitiveness.
Sales development
  • Carry out knowledge tests on subjects, product, customers, market, sales methodology and integrate improvement measures in weak areas to close the knowledge gap.
  • Plan, implement, measure and follow up on individual sales development and sales training.
  • Plan, implement, measure and follow up meeting booking in a systematic way.
Gain and value:
  • Uncover as well as close the knowledge gap.
  • Increased knowledge.
  • Increased competitiveness.