Dealer development

In order to stay at the forefront and maintain competitiveness, as a company, you must be far ahead in the development of retailers, and this work is a decisive factor in ensuring that you meet your strategic goals and ambitions for development.

Focus on the development and training of retailers
Business management, key figures and balanced scorecard.

One of the most important challenges associated with managing retailers is being able to control how the individual retailer is going to achieve its goals, what status is and how it is going to go if we continue as now.

What decisions and choices are we facing to correct the course so that the dealer and we even reach our objectives?

We live in the age of change where new strategies and changing competitive conditions require a combination of measurement and development.


One of the most important tasks in the future is to
these new measurement and
development systems
where we have seen the need for a radical change from traditional measurement of retailers to systematically developing retailers. In the future, it is no longer enough to measure retailers only on financial key figures but to also include performance in customer, organisation and employees. The value chain that this creates makes the difference between succeeding and not succeeding.

Retailers of the Future

We are convinced that future retailers are able to focus and control 4 critically important areas to conduct a profitable business. They have a balanced picture of where they are and what it takes to improve today’s performance:

  1. Finance Capital (Profitability – Growth).
  2. Customer Capital (Satisfaction – Loyalty).
  3. Organization Capital (Productivity – Efficiency).
  4. Human Capital (Competence – Motivation).

The goal of developing a Reseller Profile is to ensure positive results.

We will help achieve common goals through goal management and development and aim to be perceived as an important supporter of the retailer.

  • Økonomiske nøkkeltall - KPI`er
  • Kunde nøkkeltall - KPI`er
  • Medarbeider nøkkeltall - KPI`er
  • Markeds nøkkeltall - KPI`er
  • Prosess nøkkeltall - KPI`er

We live in a time where the role of retailers requires the utmost of us as a distributor. Competition for customers and the demand for increased earnings are becoming increasingly important, while the personnel, customer and delivery challenges are in line. Ultimately, it is the retailer’s personal leadership that will determine whether to meet the requirements and expectations set.

We know that the role is demanding and for this reason our goal is to provide companies with a digital platform to be able to target and develop the individual and collective performance of retailers. Our goal is to add new knowledge, new skills, new technologies that create better control and inner motivation enough to handle what the role requires. The conscious choices the retailer makes as a result of the answers to these important questions will govern and influence results.


Awareness of key figures’ achievements, goals and measures creates a powerful and efficient development process that is measurable, individually adapted and concrete. The aim is to take concrete measures to meet goals and strategies. Retailer Key Figures Profile is a visualization of the current performance level and that serves as visualization of results and performance. Individual development plan per dealer is established in cooperation with the nearest manager.


Based on the defined KPIs (Critical Performance Indicators), defined goals, improvement measures and training exercises, the implementation of measures aimed at improving the retailer’s tasks is implemented. Reminders are sent to the manager/district manager by email or sms to remind them of today’s tasks.

Måling og Oppfølging

Based on the retailer’s individual development plan, milestones have already been set up. Here, the dealer and manager’s mentor will evaluate performance, results and goal achievement. Results are easily and easily and efficiently compared in dashboard and analyzed at a deeper level in the Scorecard for each retailer, seller or team.

Improvement processes should require a little extra of us and at the same time seem inspiring, learning, developing and fun. Importantly, it is to have good support systems such as Improve as well as a collegiate community that supports each other in day-to-day operations via Improve as a digital interaction platform.