About Training

When we talk about Training the word “workouts” comes to our mind. You can compare this to an athlete’s everyday life. In order to become a winner you have to know why you should do training, define what you aim to accomplish and lastly how you should do the training..

Athletes must be coached and measured and given precise feedback upon their performances!

Research shows that elite athletes focus on performance training as much as 98% of the time (often 1,500 hours/year) and spend the remaining 2% of the time proving they are the best in competition.

Business often the opposite!

How much do you “train” in everyday life to be the best?

How does this figure affect their competitiveness?

Developing expertise as well as training in mastering will be the crucial competitiveness for the future.

Training our philosophy

Mastery and performance orientation are all about creating winners.

Winners who gain an inner drive and strong faith in their own coping ability.

Winners who get enough willpower to master development.

Winners who with 100% power and energy carry out what they believe in and want!

The content of our trainings is adapted to the challenges and levels of the organization.

The trainings are tailored through personal conversations and always results from various tools and methods as mentioned under profiles.

These are mainly based on performance orientation from Top Sports but adapted to the arenas of business!

We know they work!

5 important principles

  1. Time and reflection are necessary prerequisite for all development.
  2. The individual leader prepares his own development plan closely followed up by the nearest manager.
  3. Participants will receive feedback and measurement on a regular basis.
  4. The development of good leadership must be shown in concrete actions.
  5. The participants’ leader must engage with the program in order to achieve good results of the investment.

Working model

  • Adapted to individual and collective expertise and challenges.
  • Process based and measurable trainings with emphasis on practical and relevant tasks and trainings.
  • Concrete, measurable results sustained over time.
  • The exam/certification summarizes the participants’ final achievement.
Fitness diary
  • This is an electronic and physical training diary where participants summarize their performance exercises, experiences, reflections, results and more.

Improve Performance & Training Systems

Improve is a unique digital training and development portal that serves as a safeguard of a measurable development process! Here we define focus areas (KPIs) and set specific performance goals and measure performance development on individual, team, department within e.g. management, sales, service, customer satisfaction and more.

Scorecard and Dashboard

The scorecard and dashboard with dropdown functionality enable you to visualize achievements as well as find cause for progress or decline on the goals defined in the development contract.

About Training