About Improve

Improve is a digital platform to systematize training and development based on three important phases; planning, implementation and follow-up. The goal is to ensure a lasting and measurable improvement process. The platform has been developed in a close partnership with customers and clients in cooperation with the consultancy ResultatPartner AS, which is also the founder of the platform from 1991 to the present day. We would say that the platform and methodology have been thoroughly tested and developed in collaboration with more than 400 businesses.

  • Manager / organisation – / employee development.
  • Performance and Performance Measurement via Dashboard and Performance Management System.
  • Personal development; Physical, mental and social health.
Targeted 1-1 development call
Conduct targeted development conversation between you and your employees. Don’t let the annual conversation be a duty race where you use expired and low-goal-driven forms that don’t systematize and follow up improvement measures — both ways. Use Improve to get a simpler and more efficient structure!
Digital Health and Lifestyle
Improve can be used as a Software to systematize a plan to improve your “Digital Health and Lifestyle”. Through an advanced and efficient system, we define your health status, set goals and measures, which are followed up by yourself and the one or those you want to support people.
Culture of achievement.
In a culture of achievement, you play each other well – every day.
Where the team’s collective skills are stronger than that of the individual.
Where shared values build good relationships.
There common understanding of vision – creates an inner drag power.
Where mood, laughter and positive affect everyday life.
Where enthusiasm and pride spill over into customer loyalty.
It creates extraordinary achievements that affect employee motivation and company performance.
With Improve, we will give you the opportunity to create such a culture of achievement.
The valuable feedback
The valuable feedback is often unconscious, omitted and forgotten.
It can be a smile, a word, a movement that hits at the best suited time — or the opposite. Improve systematizes the training process to improve this important part of the communication process.
Celebration of great achievements
Systematic training of managers and sellers is the start of an improvement process. Raising awareness of what creates good performance – and the effect of the reward – are processes you can implement by adopting Improve.
Expeditions, climbing, extreme sports.
Norway is at the top of the world for all our expeditions. To fulfill the dream lies years of training and preparation. With Improve, you can systematize, plan, implement, measure and follow up the process efficiently. Share your dreams and goals with your partners in the project and establish a system of mutual follow-up, coaching and scorecard. It ensures a stronger lasting and measurable effect. You can do this, among other things. improve to.
Diet and quality of life
Proper diet combined with a systematic plan for dietary change and exercise are two factors that will ensure that you lose weight and increase your quality of life. Many who have tried this go back to old habits when the mental resistance becomes too tough and the win is not in line with what is required of effort. Then it’s nice to know that Improve can be the system you need to make sure you maintain and follow the plan. You can invite your closest friend or dietitian, your personal trainer or others into your process; we guarantee you a completely different effect than not having this software called Improve; developed since 1991.
Systematic training for obese people
Those who have not been overweight have little personal experience in what it is and what is required by measures to improve weight. It affects both the physical, mental and social state and often triggers a negative spiral from which it is difficult to get out. But we have good news for you:). With Improve, you can more easily systematize and follow up your goals and actions either alone or with other like-minded people where you can be coaches and motivators for each other! And you can also easily invite in other support people so that you feel that others are helping to support you in the process towards better health. Improve makes it easier and more efficient!
Personal leadership development
With Improve, you will be able to systematize, plan, implement, measure and follow up development processes of leaders at all levels. We guarantee a measurable development process!
Presentation technique
Giving public presentations is on the top 3 list among America’s biggest fears. Most people have probably known the excitement and how the mental takes over both the physical and mental game. With Improve you will be able to develop a measurable development process where the goal is to create a lasting security and coping ability in relation to public presentations and lectures.
Measurable physical exercise
One goal of physical exercise is that you actually have a plan to improve your physical capacity. Improve systematizes and tailors the training in fht. your current performance level. This ensures focus, motivation, progression. With Improve, you can achieve your goals in a simpler and more efficient way and you can happily add personal trainers who can coach and follow up your personal training plan.
Training program for disabled people
One of the things that impresses me most is to see the ability of people with movement and disabled people to perform despite their situation. The ability to think positively is one thing but another thing is to be able to mobilize all mental and physical forces to achieve their goal; it’s actually world-class achievements! We want to offer our target group Improve Systems in order to systematize and motivate the training program in a simpler and more efficient way.
Team development and interaction
Team development and interaction is about sharing common values and vision. Where each one provides everything that is required for the team to reach its goals. As a team. As a team. Who plays each other good every day. Where collective effort far exceeds the efforts of individuals. With Improve you will be able to systematize training processes for Team.
Training of employees
Training employees is perhaps the most valuable investment your company can make. Physically, mentally and socially strong employees perform far better than the opposite. This affects the top and bottom lines as well as internal and external relationships. Companies that have an employee focus #1 are the winners in the battle to retain and attract the good ones. With Improve, your corporate sports team will be able to systematize a plan for development that is measured and followed up by the participants themselves but also their eventual personal trainers.
Leadership team development
Leadership team development creates unique results. But people are different with different personalities, different experiences and knowledge and they are motivated and led differently. With Improve, you’ll be able to develop powerful management teams that meet your company’s goals and strategies.
Potential value
  • Increased precision from diagnosis to implementation and follow-up of improvement measures.
  • Faster and more effective treatment.
  • Cost-saving treatment.
  • Reducing failed projects.
  • Reduced costs for hospitals.
  • Relief for healthcare professionals.
  • Increased patient safety.
  • Best Practices for future treatment.

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