The recruitment process.

The recruitment process involves:

Recruitment Profile

  • Preparation of requirements specification:
  • The challenges, goals, requirements, desires and needs of the positions.

Job announcement

  • Job announcement and indentation on the web pages/LinkedIn to the client and ResultatPartner AS.


  • Direct personal contact ResultPartner own network as well as job database (
  • Prequalification of candidates by phone.
  • Application processing and dialogue with candidates.

Selection and setting

  • Application confirmations from external applicants.
  • Pre-qualification interviews at ResultatPartner (1st interview).
  • Short-list with candidates and copy of dialogue,
  • CVs are sent to the client.

First-time interview – client

  • Pre-qualification interviews at commissionsiver (1st interview).

Qualification – In-Depth Interview

  • In-depth interview with technical/personal assignment in interviews with the client (2-3. interview).
  • Setting the candidate.

Reference check

  • Reference check is carried out – results report prepared and discussed.

Conclusion of contract

  • Signing of employment contract as well as review of the On-boarding process.

Follow-up 3 months after start-up

  • Follow-up of candidate from ResultatPartner (confidential or open).

Recruitment process