Type of jobs

For nearly 30 years we have assisted customers and candidates in Norsk Næringsliv as a dedicated partner in recruitment both before, during and after a job change. A job shift is both time consuming and demanding socially as it touches an essential part of our lives. We believe in a model where our candidates’ choices are as important as our customers’. Our role is to “build relationships” between the candidate and our customers.

Job Portal

Please go to our Job Portal “Improve Recruiting” to register positions/apply job:



Our network is mainly for positions within the Oslo / Akershus region, but we also work regionally. We draw on a considerable knowledge of Norwegian business and over the years we have developed a solid database consisting of an interdisciplinary network of different candidates inside and outside the region.

  • IT / ICT
  • Bank / Finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Aviation

Leadership recruitment

  • Ceo.
  • Finance Director
  • Sales Director
  • Service Director
  • HR Director
  • Director Competence
  • Training Manager
  • Consultant Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Sales Manager

Sales & Sale Jobs

  • Partner Account Manager (PAM)
  • Key Account Manager (KAM)
  • Account Manager (AM)
  • B2B Sales Executive
  • B2C Sales Manager
  • TM Sales / Prospecting
  • Call Center Sales
  • Hunter Seller (New Sale)
  • Farmer Seller (Portfolio)

Technical jobs/IT

  • Senior Architect (Java, .Net, PHP, Open Source…)
  • Junior Architect (Java, .Net, PHP, Open Source…)
  • Senior Developers (Java, .Net, PHP, Open Source…)
  • Junior Developers (Java, .Net, PHP, Open Source …)
  • Senior Business Intelligence
  • Junior Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • VR / AR
  • Machine Learning
  • Nlp
  • Database Administrators
  • Process Developers
  • Business Architects
  • Integration Architects and Developers
  • Project managers
  • Test Managers
  • QA – quality assurance
  • Scrum Master
  • Tech leader


  • Managing Director
  • Finance Director
  • Sales Director
  • Service Director / Aftermarket
  • Sellers
  • Service advisors
  • Mechanics w/certificate
  • Customer receivers
  • PKK controllers
  • Diagnostic technicians
  • Apprentices

Type of jobs