Who we are and what we believe in

Our main principles

ResultatPartner (ResultPartner) is a consulting company established back in 1991 with an intention of “securing measurable performance and results in partnership with customers”. 30 years later- we still do!


Hence the name ResultPartner.

Measurable results

Measurable results means all results that create value for companies or people.


We believe in step-by-step development over time and that the goals are “smart”; specific, measurable, responsible, realistic, timed and engaging.

Core values

Faith; it is about having sufficient faith that the goals are achievable, that the strategies will ensure achievement, that you yourself have what it takes to stand in the election when the plan is laid. Faith is also about how well anchored the plan is in the first place. goals and strategies.

Will; it’s about an inner drive with perseverance that can withstand obstacles on the way to the goal.

Action; about your ability to drive through the process of change. Complete the plan. Stand by the election. Finalize. Evaluate. New plan.

Digital Platform

Technology and an efficient digital platform makes it easier, faster with greater precision to reach goals. Since 1995, we have developed our own platform to ensure just this.


How we started ResultatPartner AS


Company established

ResultPartner AS was established. Our core business idea was to create a customized and tailored improvement process in partnership with our customers! From the very beginning, we were concerned with tailoring training processes based on the individual performance level. We initially conducted all surveys based on Microsoft Office programs and developed individual training plans at individual, team, organizational level. Securing ownership, actions and close follow up was the key to success.


First Software

In 1995, we developed our first Software based on Microsoft VB.NET, OCR Scanning and a third-party provider called Teleform. The functionality improved the quality and precision of development and improvement processes on individuals, teams and organizations by several thousand percent! An early breakthrough and pioneering the market back in those days!


Improve Microsoft .NET

The number of assignments increased and thus the demand for increased functionality. We partnered with Microsoft and developed Improve based on ASP.NET. Very positive reception from customers.


Strategy 2020-2025

The goal is to extend and develop new functionality with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Training Chat Bot, NLP, Voice Control and more. Our Digital Platform, Improve, will simplify, renew and improve processes related to business as well as mental, physical and social health.

Our history