Dear employer.

Never before has it been more demanding to retain employees.

Never before has the battle for the wise heads – with the good attitudes – been greater – than today!

To maintain and increase your competitiveness, both are important.

Ensure that today’s employees receive adequate support, feedback and encouragement in accordance with today’s and tomorrow’s requirements to perform.

Management and running a business is largely about creating positive results. Key is having motivated and competent employees who work in an efficient environment creating satisfied and loyal customers.

Then companies make money.

In that order.

Winners at Great Place to Work; the Grammy Awards, works this way!

Culture of interaction is based on value-based interaction and with the corporate Vision as a guiding star.

People driven by enthusiasm and good atmosphere attracting new talents.

At the end of the year, during summer and at the beginning of a new year, many people ask themselves questions in regards to their working life.

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work, hence work is important not only to earn money and knowledge but also corporate spirit and culture.

Strong candidates consider first and last impressions of your company.

The impressions set out how you appear in the media, how you appear on the web, how you talk about employees and customers to how you meet your talents throughout the interview process.

Keep in mind that it’s an equally important choice for the candidate to choose the right employer — like choosing the right candidate.

For you, it’s about presenting the authenticity of the company where you bring out “why should the candidate choose you.”

It can be as simple as making a good first impression because you made the candidate feel welcome, respected and recognized.

That you have actually taken the time to have prepared a good company presentation to award a “Recruitment Document” that explains more about what it’s like to work with you.

Or are you among those who take the interview “as it comes” and where you miss out on creating a good first impression. Maybe you recognize yourself and maybe you have experienced that in fact the candidate did not choose to move on due to the fact that the candidate did not have the right motivation or interest to do so. 

In 30 years of recruitment, we have seen the difference between those who are candidate-oriented and those who are not.

Winning candidates is no coincidence or quick fix – it’s quality at every stage and it’s about treating candidates as customers.

Without customers, we can shut down.

Without good employees, we can do the same.

They don’t depend on you in the long run – but you as an employer depend on him or her.

Besides good employees, you don’t get satisfied and loyal customers.

In the long run, this is what it’s all about.

How to win candidates