Search / Headhunting

Search/headhunting is an active and direct method for identifying, connecting with, as well as evaluating the best possible candidates for a specific position, either as senior manager, head of department, project manager or specialist function. It may be in Norway or the Norwegian company’s subsidiaries or start-ups abroad.

The method is based on our knowledge of the business community and especially the areas where the right candidates for a position should be found. We systematically seek out the people who can create results. Such persons are often largely conscious of their own value. They rarely respond to ads. They therefore expect to be contacted directly. They will be handpicked. Therefore, Search/headhunting is often the fastest and correct method.


Based on a prepared profile for the company, the position and the candidate profile, a comprehensive research process is under way in the areas where the qualified candidate topics will be found.

A number of carefully selected candidate topics are contacted directly.

If there is interest in the position, we start a more detailed disclosure of the individual’s education, experience, achievements, results and personality.

In this work, a Skill Profile or Behaviour Profile (DRIV Behaviour Profile) can also be entered into at a closer price and agreement. In addition, reference checks can also be included in an extended agreement.

Presentation of the candidates

Only candidates who show their interest are motivated for the task and who match the assigned profiles are presented to our client.

The number of candidates is agreed upon the commissioning of the assignment, normally 3 candidates are presented.


Usually, between 3-6 weeks from the company’s assignment/candidate briefing until the selection of a candidate can be made. However, different conditions can affect this time. Therefore, an individual assessment of this is always taken at the start of the assignment.


The degree of confidentiality of the identity of the mission is carefully agreed before the start of the mission. The identities can be open from the very beginning, revealed when a candidate confirms his interest in the position, or wait until the presentation. The search process is facilitated and carried out in close accordance with the agreed level of confidentiality.


An assignment is to be considered terminated, when the employment contract has been signed by both parties, or when the parties have entered into/accepted an oral agreement.

ResultatPartner AS will, through follow-up after 3, 6 or 12 months after accession, respectively, help to ensure the success of the new employee.

Our fee, which is always agreed in advance, depends on the scope of the assignment, and is normally calculated as a percentage share of the employee’s gross salary in the first year. Alternatively, a fixed fee can be agreed.

In addition to the coverage of travel expenses and other costs associated with the solution of the assignment, 10% of the fee is normally added. Alternatively, expenses can be covered on invoice and documented expenses.