Frequently asked questions

Hi – thank you for visiting our website. Below are questions answers to some relevant questions. If you have any other questions please contact us under the contact form.

The quickest way is that you either call us and talk to one of our employees, alternatively is to send us your questions in our contact form.

But in general, we are keen to get a clear description of:

  1. What kind of project is this?
  2. What is the reason(s) of the project?
  3. What is the goal — what do you want to achieve/ what results do you expect?
  4. What are critical success factors for success?
  5. What technological systems can support the project?
  6. What surveys and analyses have been carried out in advance of the project that has revealed the need? What actions have you taken and what are/was the result of these and why?
  7. Who and how many will participate in the project?
  8. When do you want to start?
  9. What budgets have you set?
  10. Who makes the decision on the choice of supplier?

We live in a strange time where the Corona Pandemic has set us a little out. But there are openings by conducting digital meetings via our digital platform called Improve. Here we will be able to conduct digital online video meetings with up to 100 participants at a time. Here we can both plan, implement, measure and follow up processes we carry out with you. Meetings can be addressed for documentation and repetition purposes.

We use our digital system for training and development, Improve, where during the planning phase we develop an individual training plan with clear focus areas, goals and action plans sent out via email or SMS based on given intervals. The measures will be logged and the participants will evaluate the results of the measures/trainings where it is easy to get an overview of the results that can be used with a mentor/manager who is part of the process.

It is difficult to say anything about until we know the extent in the number of participants, duration and what needs to be developed. But our minimum process has a duration of 3 months with 3 collections of 2 days. Participants will be assigned before, during and after the training sessions and they will use Improve as a digital support system.

We have worked with more than 400 enterprises in all industries for 30 years.

We can refer to winners at the Norwegian Customer Barometer (BI) where both Flytoget and BMW Norway went to the top in the years we worked with them. We also have other companies that may refer to increases in the Great Place to Work; confirming that they have received a further focus on employee satisfaction. When the customer’s customers are satisfied, we believe that we have reached out to our customers’ value chain.